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Maja Prill is a Violinist and Composer based in Wuppertal (DE). She is mostly active in experimental and improvised music, as well as Jazz oriented crossover genres. After graduating in German Language and Musicology, she studied Jazz and Pop Violin at ArtEz Conservatory in Arnhem, where she finished her Bachelor in 2022. During her studies she also lived and studied in Tallinn (EE) at the Academy of Music and Theater, where she experienced a different scene of music, way of living and sources of inspiration. In the course of her studies she was guided by a number of teachers, who helped her to find her own musical language. These were, among others, Jasper LeClercq, Angelo Verploegen, Michael Gustorff, Jeroen van Vliet, Etienne Nillesen (NL/ DE), Jaak Sooäär, Raul Sööt, Kirke Karja and Taavi Kerikmäe (EE).

As a versatile musician she often works with other artists in interdisciplinary projects, combining music with dance, performance and fine arts. Most of these experiences she gained with Tatraum Projekte Schmidt, where she worked for two productions in 2020 and 2021. This practice supported her to find ways of communication with Artists from different fields.

Nowadays Maja Prill is mostly focused on her own program ‚State of Matter‘, which premiered in June 2022 and will continue to be performed in the future. She is also performing with her Duo ‚Solaja‘ together with pianist Sol Jang and the interactive music performance/ installation ‚Creactivety‘ together with Tania Bräcklein. Besides that she is always looking for new collaborations and projects, that will challenge her in different ways.

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